Proposed HVAC Efficiency Standards Withdrawn by DOE

The Depart­ment of Energy has agreed to with­draw energy con­ser­va­tion stan­dards that had con­trac­tors con­cerned.  Here is how the set­tle­ment could affect your business.

Reg­u­la­tion Recall:  Revised Gas Fur­nace Effi­ciency Stan­dards Withdrawn.

Did you know that the fiscal cliff deal extended propane incentives?

Propane can play a key role in mak­ing homes qual­ify for recently extended tax incen­tives for effi­ciency upgrades.  The fol­low­ing arti­cle out­lines the incen­tives for both builders and home owners.

Propane Incen­tives in Fis­cal Cliff Deal



Temporary construction heat exactly when and where you need it

Con­trac­tors face many chal­lenges when work­ing in the win­ter tokeep their projects on time and on bud­get.  In a recent arti­cle, Build with Propane out­lines some sim­ple solutions.

Tem­po­rary Heat:  A Sim­ple Solu­tion for Win­ter Weather Delays